Connecting to a Server in a Module

This is a follow-on to my earlier question.

I have a WebSocket server that is functional in plain old java and now packaged into a non-crashing module. My assumption is that the reason I cannot connect to this server as a module is that it needs to have traffic forwarded to it by the Gateway somehow.

Admittedly, I am a bit lost. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

What exactly is this server you’re talking about? Is it something that you start up and bind an address/port as the module starts up?

It’s an implementation of the Netty Project 3.6 WebSocketX server. My implementation has a lot in common with their example which is basically just an echo server.

When running from Eclipse I am able to connect via web at localhost:8080 and view iOS simulator at ws://localhost:8080/websocket

Assuming you’re starting it up correctly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to connect to it. Ignition is not preventing anything from getting there, nor should it have to forward anything.

Good to know. Time to log everything I guess.