Connecting to a SIEMENS S7 PLC

I need to connect a SIEMENS S7 400 series to Ignition. Are there any alternative ways other than to use a Matrikon or a Kepware OPC server between the PLC and Ignition.
Does IA have plans to develop an OPC driver for SIEMENS in Ignition.

If the poll in this thread carries any weight, a Siemens driver is likely under development.

If you’re running under windows, I would recommend going with Kepware, which you can connect to over UA.

If you’re using a different OS, I’m not sure of any options right now. At least by using UA you could put Ignition on the main non-windows machine, and then just use any old windows machine to run Kepware for the time being, until you can switch over to purely the main machine when new options present themselves.