Connecting to ABB NextMove E100 PLC

I have been trying to set up an ABB communication with ignition to be able to control a set of servos from an ignition UI. I can’t seem to find the correct documentation or forum that explains the issues I’m having. I’m not sure what communication protocol the ABB PLC-s utilize, therefore I don’t know whether to use the modbus TCP protocol or the siemens 1200 or 1500 protocol. If anyone could point me in the right direction of at least where I could find the information I need then I would very much appreciate it.

The manual doesn’t paint a very hopeful picture. This thing definitely doesn’t talk Modbus or S7 protocol. It looks like it does CANopen. I’m not sure if even Kepware has a driver that will work with this.

Kepware has what’s called “ABB Totalflow Drive” but I’m not sure if that would apply to my use case here or not. I tried setting up the Etherenet connection for the ABB controller but couldn’t get it to work properly, I have it connected via USB currently and it seems like ABB’s own software is the only thing able to detect it.

ABB Totalflow is an entirely different device for a different purpose than these, I wouldn’t expect their Totalflow driver to work.

so how does CANopen work exactly?

You can start your trip down the CAN rabbit hole here:

You may also find this useful, if you are inclined towards the details: