Connecting to Allen bradley compactlogix error


I am new to Ignition and I am trying to connect to an allen bradley compactlogix l33er.
When putting in the IP address I get connected, but when looking at the log I have the following errors,

LogixBrowseStateManager 03Nov2023 09:10:12 Browse failed: EtherNet/IP status: INVALID_UNSUPPORTED
ReadBrowseHashRequest 03Nov2023 09:10:09 Error reading browse hash: EtherNet/IP status: INVALID_UNSUPPORTED
LogixDriver 03Nov2023 09:10:08

Thanks in advance

What firmware version are you using? Logix driver is only for v21+

Hi Hayden,

I currently am waiting for the software to be installed so I can log in to see what driver is on the PLC as i am new to the site and am still waiting for all my kit.

The plc was programmed in 2013 last i dont know if that could gave any indication?


It performs best with v21+, it works with older versions though.

@Alex_Evans this looks similar to errors when people configure the driver but point it at something that isn't a Logix PLC. You probably have the wrong IP address or the wrong slot number. Finding out the firmware version would still be useful though.