Connecting to an AB compactlogix PLC

hello everyone.
I am a new user, and I am having reading data from one of my A-B CompactLogix PLCs. I have others that I am connecting with just fine, but only reading analog data (DINTS and Floats).
In this new one I am trying to read the bits from the Input and Output cards directly.
it is a 1769-L35E CompactLogix5335E PLC running revision 20.19 firmware.
For example I am trying to read all 16 bits from an input card in slot 2 of the local rack.
The tags I’ve built OPC tags, Data Type = Boolean, OPC Server = Ignition OPC UA Server, and my OPC Item Path(s) are all similar to this:
They all come back as “BAD”. From the diagnostics i only get
“[null, Bad, Tue Feb 02 18:23:05 EST 2021 (1612308185965)]”.
any help will be appreciated.

You need to use the newer v21+ Logix Driver for firmware 20.19.

We’re in the process of updating the description/documentation on the 2 drivers to make this clear.

Thanks I think its working now.
I deleted the original device configured as type
“Allen-Bradley CompactLogix (Legacy)”
and then rebuilt it as type
“Allen-Bradley Logix Driver”.
but you didn’t mention that the new driver needs a different OPC item path.
(I noticed this in another topic)
So I changed my OPC item path from
and now it works!!!