Connecting to Cimplicity HMI OPC Server on remote PC

I have a GE Cimplicity system with an OPC server running on a remote machine. I try to connect using

Host : \PCName
clsid: b01241e8-921b-11d2-b43f-204c4f4f5020

THe log says it cannot connect to the server.

If I run a kepware quick client to connect to cimplicity, it connects, no problem.

Anyone run into this?

Thought… Does Factory SQL need to be connecting using a domain authentication. I have windows admin priveledges on both PC’s


One thing that often comes into play in situations like this is the fact that all OPC communication is handled by the FactorySQL service, which is a windows service running under the SYSTEM account by default.

Quick clients run under the logged in user, so they’ll appear different to the remote machine. You can try a few different things to verify this:
A) Change the account that FactorySQL runs under by going to Services (Control Panel->Administrative tools), right clicking FactorySQL Service, selecting “properties”, and then going to the “Log On” tab.
B) Search the forum for how to run FactorySQL as an application instead of a service.

If those work, you can either leave it like that, or open up the dcom settings on both machines to allow the service access. There are a few posts around here that talk about basic DCOM settings, and how to turn on DCOM logging in order to help track down the problem.