Connecting to Database on a different server

Hello All:
For my project, I’m trying to connect to two MSSQL Db on different server using windows authentication . One is local server (on which gateway is running). Another Data base is on a different machine. I’m able to connect to the one on local server, but not to the data base on different machine. I’m getting the error “Login Failed for the user”. Please let me know if I am missing anything

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Connecting to an MS DB using the Active Directory has always been a nightmare to me.

It’s a lot easier to just create a local user on the database (so you can connect using “SQL Server Authentication”), and then use that username and password to connect to the database.

If you don’t have SQL Server Authentication enabled now, you’ll have to restart the database service once, but it’s a lot easier afterwards.

How are you passing down the username in the Ignition DB configuration entry? For me it works by using the FQDN, like this:

As long as the database has that domain user with access to the database, you should be able to connect.


Hello Oscar.
I am using domainname\user in the user section. It’s working for the server on the local machine, but not on the different machine

Now I am able to connect to master database in the remote server. But when I try to connect to a custom created database, I’m getting this following error
“Cannot open database “HUAOPCDB” requested by the login. The login failed”

Any ideas?


Solved. The guest account was disabled on the database