Connecting to Digi Portserver TS 4 over Realport

We have a Customer with a Digi Portserver TS MEI. Currently serial ports 1 & 2 are used for 2 separate radios. One radio is a ClearSCADA Master and the other is a XSPOC Master radio. We have established a secure VPN Connections with our customer and have installed Realport on our hosting Server. We will be taking over the ClearSCADA radio and SCADA with Ignition. I was told we need to request the Comm port but we currently do Modbus TCP on all of our applications. Is their a module for direct connection to a serial port? If this does not work I will have to reconfigure the Digiportserver some how for modbus TCP setup. Is their and OPC connections or module for connecting to a serial port to request the information?

it sounds like they were using a serial driver in the past to talk with the devices. you should just be able to change the digi to use modbus tcp or tcp sockets.

I have been on the phone with Digi tech support and they are not much help. Basically port 2 of the Digi Portserver TS 4 MEI I have set up for IA Modbus TCP that a freewave radio is connected too rs232. I am trying to reach slave Radios on PLC’s in the field with ignition. I can get the traffic to go out but no traffic to come in. The other sites I am trying to read data from are SCADAPack Plc’s with Freewave FGR2-C-U radios. I am a little confused on how one static IP knows which port to go to for requesting the slaves information.

I usually use TCP sockets mode when using the digi portserver. In that mode each serial port has a separate tcp port number to use, and then you would use the plc’s unique rtu address to differentiate between the plc’s.

I am not familiar with the Ignition modbus driver, but it looks like they have 2 modes, modbus tcp and modbus rtu over tcp(tcp sockets in the digi). which are you using? and where are you putting in the rtu address?

The first thing I would do is to use a software like modbus poll to make sure I can grab modbus data from the PLC’s with your laptop connected to the 232 port on the freewave. From there you can move back to the digi and figure out where the trouble is.

Ok well I got time to come back around to this Project and I ended up programming the Digi for Industrial Automation Modbus TCP. The device is connected on Ignition and when I log into the Digi Portserver it says all communications are good, but when i try and pull in tags they are Null. I installed Modbus Poll tool on our server and put in the IP and port 502 and requested 10 registers and they came back instantly. I either have to figure out why the Igntion TCP Driver is causing problems or buy kepwares modbus driver if it will work. Any clues as to why Ignition gets null values?

Ignition assumes unit ID 0 unless specified otherwise. Is your tool using unit ID 1 by default?

Addressing was all correct for RTU. We are running 7.8 and after being sent a new OPCUA module the addressing started to come through.