Connecting to Fanuc Robot R30iA controller

Im working with a robot integrator that doesn’t use a PLC in their system, they setup their robot cells so the robot controller handles all the logic and IO… Therefore the HMI needs to communicate directly with the controller. In an effort to see if I can talk them into using ignition on my project I figured out how to set up the communications on my own and made a “how to” manual for them. Thought I would post it here too… if anyone out there needs to go straight to a Fanuc robot maybe the attached will be useful to someone else.

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That’s good stuff! I recommend the mods move this to the Knowledgebase forum. :smiley:

That is excellent information, thanks for sharing! I will be moving this to the knowledge base section of the forum.

That’s great, it’s also useful for simply showing how to create a device in Kepware and connect over OPC-UA. Thanks for sharing.

You’re quite welcome, more than happy to help out when I can. I have made a new revision that includes more detail on writing to IO’s, Karel and system variables, registers and position registers. see attached.


Ignition HMI interface to Fanuc Industrial Robots.pdf (2.9 MB)

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I know this is an old thread but I need to connect with my robots does anyone have any idea where this guide is? I searched the knowledge base but can’t find it or possibly do you know how to connect to Fanuc robots?

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@Michael.Stofan can bring old links back to life, I think…

Found it, the link in that post has been fixed.

Thanks! That helps a lot.

Thank you! This guide helped me connecting to a Fanuc Robot with Kepserver.

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I’m getting ready to connect to a Fanuc R30 controller and wanted to sanity check that this is still the best way to do this:

  1. Enable Fanuc HMI/SNPX software on robot controller.
  2. Install Kepware GE Suite on Ignition server
  3. Configure Tags on Kepware
  4. Add Kepware OPC UA server to Ignition
  5. Kepware tags are seen in in Kepware Tag Browser (no need to configure a device on Ignition).

Does that sound right?

Where are the instructions?

Kepware is a separate product, with its own instructions for SNPX (aka GE RTSP).

Connecting to Kepware from Ignition is documented here: