Connecting to Ignition 8.0.12 with Simulation of Software from Other OEM

I am working first time with Ignition Platform 8.0.12.

I want to connect the software with Siemens Simatic Manager Simulation or Rockwell Emulate 5000.

I tried with Simatic Manager Simulation, however the connection is not getting established, it keep retrying.

I tried with Emulate 5000, I have my connection established, however I am not able to browse any Tag from the PLC program which is downloaded to the Emulate 5000.

Has anyone tried this combination and worked?

Details about my Work Environment,

  1. I working on a single machine where both the Simulation software and the Ignition platform lies.
  2. My operating system is Windows 10 Pro, 64bit

I don’t think Emulate 5000 supports tag browsing. Lots of threads on here if you put ‘Emulate 5000’ in the search tool. :wink:

For the Simatic stuff, this thread may point you in the right direction.

Thanks JordanCClark. I tried various discussions on Emulate5000, but I dont think it solves the issue or maybe i am doing something wrong.

I think the OPC-UA doesnt work with Emulate5000 and i need to make a OPC-DA connection, for which we need to make changes in the DCOM settings.

I tried modifying my DCOM settings as well. However i am not able to solve the issue of Communication

I am looking for Simatic Manager (Step7) Simulation support and with respect to TIA portal & Simulation

In previous versions of Ignition, we introduced the ability to connect to Simulation software from other OEM like Rockwell FactoryTalk and Siemens Teamcenter. We now would to introduce some great new features in version 8 of Ignition that allow you to get more value out of your simulation software. Let’s first discuss how the OBJECTS are created in Ignition using the simulation server modules.

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