Connecting to Ignition 8.0.12 with Simulation of Software from Other OEM

I am working first time with Ignition Platform 8.0.12.

I want to connect the software with Siemens Simatic Manager Simulation or Rockwell Emulate 5000.

I tried with Simatic Manager Simulation, however the connection is not getting established, it keep retrying.

I tried with Emulate 5000, I have my connection established, however I am not able to browse any Tag from the PLC program which is downloaded to the Emulate 5000.

Has anyone tried this combination and worked?

Details about my Work Environment,

  1. I working on a single machine where both the Simulation software and the Ignition platform lies.
  2. My operating system is Windows 10 Pro, 64bit

I don’t think Emulate 5000 supports tag browsing. Lots of threads on here if you put ‘Emulate 5000’ in the search tool. :wink:

For the Simatic stuff, this thread may point you in the right direction.

Thanks JordanCClark. I tried various discussions on Emulate5000, but I dont think it solves the issue or maybe i am doing something wrong.

I think the OPC-UA doesnt work with Emulate5000 and i need to make a OPC-DA connection, for which we need to make changes in the DCOM settings.

I tried modifying my DCOM settings as well. However i am not able to solve the issue of Communication

I am looking for Simatic Manager (Step7) Simulation support and with respect to TIA portal & Simulation