Connecting to Ignition OPC-UA Server from 3rd party OPC-UA Client


I am trying to connect to Ignition’s internal OPC-UA server from a 3rd party OPC-UA client (Siemens OpCONNECT MOM). I have configured Gateway 8.1 internal server to expose internal tags and accept anonymous connection.

Question is: What should my addressing syntax look like (I need to feed Siemens side) so that the couple of tags I created in GW is reachable? Assume [default] tag provider and no OPC-UA server name changes.


The NodeId will look something like ns=2;s=[default]/TestBool.

If the Siemens client can’t browse then it would probably be easier for you to connect another client like UaExpert and browse around to see what you’re dealing with (and verify your connection works).

Thank you Kevin, I will try this and let you know. Why is ns=2 or will this be something else in my gateway reference, is the question? (i assume ns here refers to namespace).


Ignition’s OPC UA server puts “exposed tags” (tags from providers, when enabled) into a namespace at index 2.