Connecting to kepware acknowledge timeout

Hi Just wondering If anyone could potentially shed some light on what may be happening.

we are trying to connect to a kepwareEX 5 server, and orginially we were getting connection refused. Thats fine it was that the port was blocked, so we changed over to an open port, but now we are getting the following error

UaException: status=Bad_Timeout, message=timed out waiting for acknowledge

checked end points etc all seems ok, so kind of baffled with this one.



What this means is that we’re opening a TCP connection, sending the OPC UA “Hello” message, but never receiving the OPC UA “Acknowledge” message back from Kepware.

It might be worth verifying this is what you see on Wireshark as well. Try re-initializing Kepware, make sure the ports are open in firewall on both sides, etc…

Thanks for the reply, it does seem this way I ran wire shark on the kepware host and its receiving the syn, sending back the syn ack, however we dont get any more than that. We have pretty strict firewalls so not sure if the port that the acknowledge is being sent back on it blocked, as that appears to be a completely different port to the endpoint port.

Is there a way to do a manual configuration with it, like how it used to be in the older versions before the “Discover” button?

If you changed the Kepware port at some point you may need to run through the discovery process on the Ignition side again.

If you’re using port forwarding or some other setup like that you can specify the “Host Override” setting on the connection in Ignition. The latest versions should allow you to specify just the hostname or a hostname:port as well. This setting will make Ignition ignore the hostname/port returned by Kepware in its endpoints in favor of the one configured.