Connecting to Micrologix 1400 through CompactLogix 5069

I’m trying to connect to a MicroLogix 1400 v2.015 through the backplane of a CompactLogix 5069-L340ERMS2 v31.001(Dual IP Mode). The plant network is connected to port A1(172.20.0.x) and the IO network is on port A2(10.1.1.x). The MicroLogix is on the IO network.
I have tested the path(3,, 4, and it works from another 5069-CompactLogix to the MicroLogix through the backplane.
The Ignition server(v8.0.11) is on the plant network and the device is it up like this:
Connection Path:,4

All I ever get is “Connecting: Determining Protocol” or “Disconnected: Determining Protocol”

I’m not sure what I’m missing here.

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FYI I had to look this up as well.
When you configure a MSG instruction on a CompactLogix 5380 controller that operates in Dual-IP mode, use the following paths:

** Enterprise port (Port A1) - 3, IP address*
** Device-level port (Port A2) - 4, IP address*

Haven’t done a Micrologix, but routing through the L340 should be more like:
Connection path: 4,

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Some extra reading material. :wink:

That was it. I even looked at my other projects where I had jumped backplanes and looked right past it. Thank you,

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