Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics?

I have a future project that will involve connecting to Microsoft Dynamics. I watched a webinar about the Sepasoft Business Connector Module and how it interacts with ERP’s but then learned it’s not actually out yet. What’s the current route for Ignition to connect to ERP’s? Just REST/SOAP requests or is there some existing module to be used?

Will REST suffice for Integration with MS Dynamics? What sort of data do you need for Dynamics? My module New module - RWS - Restful Web Services , from PRAMANJ Technologies allows you to read and write Ignitions tags easily thru restful web services using webDev module of Ignition.

I don’t know if REST will suffice. I’ve never integrated Ignition with any ERP before and am trying to learn how. I don’t have Microsoft Dynamics on hand but have to talk to a client about integrating with it sometime soon. Was wondering if someone here had any experience with that.

Don’t know about dynamics but it would be possible to integrate with power bi or share point using these apis . This gives rise to distributed architecture.

bkarabinchak.psi, have you managed to connect to MS Dynamics?

That project ended up never coming to fruition so I never had to do this.