Connecting to Omron PLC

Hi there,
I’d like to make sure my understanding is correct.
I saw that Ignition has a Omron module that enable us to connect NJ series to Ignition
So if it is other than the NJ series, we can connect the devices via default OPC UA? is that correct?

Is there any Omron PLC that is not compatible with Ignition? If there is can anyone tell me what are those?


Many of the Omron PLCs are not compatible with Ignition right now. Anything that requires using the FINS protocol (CS, CJ, CV series) will not work.

NJ and newer PLCs work using either Ignition’s driver or if you have a newer firmware revision they have a built-in OPC UA server and you can make an OPC UA connection directly to the PLC instead.

Thank you Kevin, I will soon find out the details about the Omron PLCs soon. For now at least I know which one is compatible. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @Kevin.Herron,
Sorry, another quick question,
So with FINS protocol (CS, CJ, CV series) , we will need to use e,g, kapware OPC to connect to ignition. Is that correct?

Yes, for now.

We’re nearing completion of an Omron FINS driver that should support CS/CJ/CP/NSJ series (not CV or CVM1), but it will only be available in Ignition 8.


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So… not that I’m trying to poke the bear or anything… and I’ve been really good this year… but do you have a rough ETA?

I’m going to duck back under my desk now before you take a swing at me. :slight_smile:


Should have something beta level in a couple weeks? Depends on how the QA process goes.

We also need to order a few more models/variations and make sure routing works, even though as far as the driver is concerned routing is just setting the right sna/sa1/sa2/dna/da1/da2 and all the actual routing is done by the PLCs.

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Will it support FINS TCP?


And as a bonus, in the course of implementing FINS/TCP for the driver I also contributed FINS/TCP support to Wireshark.


awesome!! keep us posted!

You’re a saint! Thanks!

@JordanCClark @GreggCavazos @wking (or anyone else who knows),

I’m finding that while the words are in big endian order, that when combined in e.g. the TIML/TIMX instructions, the word order for multi-word datatypes end up being swapped.

Is this common? Expected? Standard? Does the driver need a “Swap Word Order” setting like the Modbus driver has?

I haven’t picked up CX in awhile. But, I remember struggling with long-timers. A long time ago. lol

While we keep reading that Big Endian looks to be standard, the part that is confusing us is the CX-Programmer software will swap the word order when monitoring addresses that we have written to. For example, viewing individual words (at least for the CJ1M processor we are using) we will see:


But when we change it to Quad Word format, we see:


This looks to imply that Little Endian is used, at least for this processor. Are we misinterpreting what is being displayed, is the software wrong, or do different processors have different behaviors?


The CS/CJ Instruction set manual (plcrefcs1.chm) I have clearly documents both long timer and double-precision integer math using little-endian word order for the entire family.

We mainly use CJ2’s in our facility, we have a ton of CJ2M a bunch of CJ2H. We have had multiple cases when we interface devices to them that required byte/word swap to get the data in the correct order.

I’m going to move forward under the assumption that multi-word datatypes are assembled in “little endian” word order.

The 2 bytes making up words themselves will always be a fixed big endian byte order.

There will be a driver-wide setting to reverse the word order of multi-word datatypes like the Modbus driver has.


Hello Kevin,

Happy New Year 2020.
Its glad to see that your initiative for Omron CJ2M.
At our facility we have one Omron CJ2M acting as central controller for our mixer system , Where we are looking for data acquisition system from that PLC to Ignition platform. Please let us know, Is there any direct driver from Inductive Automation for communicating with that PLC or what will be the immediate stable approach to connect this PLC and Ignition gateway.

Hari GB.

When I get back from my holiday next week there will be a limited beta release of the Omron FINS driver, which includes the CJ series, followed by a full release some time later.