Connecting to remote HDA Server

Hello folks,

We are trying to connect an Ignition Gateway (8.0.10) to a remote OPC-HDA server (Proficy Historian).

I know it can works. But you know… DCOM nightmare.

Could I install a local gatewayon the historian server and connect locally using the OPC-HDA module then create a remote tag connection between the “main” gateway and this “secondary” gateway to have access to the tags in the proficy historian?


We’ve run into the same issue with a one of our customers, but for an OPC-DA server. We ended up taking the same approach that you’re suggesting and it has worked out quite well.

We finally have been able to create the connection trought the DCOM object. So we did not have to install a local gateway on the Historian machine.

Now our problem is we cannot see any data . We can browse the tags that are in GE historian, but when we drag one thge tags on an easy chart, no data is displayed.

Any ideas?

Hi vrautomation. I`m setting up similar system. I installed a Ignition in the same machine than ifix Historianis running.
Work but is a little unstable, now we are updating de OS to W10 (from W7) and expanding ram and processor. Will see if work better.

Attached a file with Dcom config, at the begining I have "connected " in the server status but no data, and the issue was some mistake in the Dcom config.

OPC Training Inst - OPC-DCOM - 5 Things You Need to Know (1).pdf (729.2 KB)