Connecting to S7


currently trying to learn ignition for just general knowledge of a new environment. Trying to connect the maker edition to my s7 1200 trainer. I’ve made the opc connection and it displays connected. When I create the tag however I get back a “Bad” gateway connection and the tag isn’t seen. I’ve used tags like Mx0.0 so not sure what I’m missing or need to change. Any help would be appreciated

Have you seen this: Connecting to Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500

Thanks for the reply, just tried that and still gettting the bad gateway error on the tags

Show us, how you created the tag…

Here’s several screenshots hope it helps narrow down what i’m doing wrong

Mx10.0 → MX10.0

Changed it to the capital X still gives a bad value

Also do I need to change anything here or is the default OPC server good?