Connecting to server

New to IA. That said here is my daily problem. When I start my computer, I start the client. I get “Browsing not available when disconnected from service” in the OPC Browser window.

I then try to connect to service. That gives me a “Connection Unavailable” dialog box - details: Unable to Connect - Unable to open specified connection. Check that the connection parameters are correct and try again.

I open settings and run “Test Connection” and I get Error verifying connection: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

I looked for my project name and it was not available.

Yesterday I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it and the project came up and I was able to connect with no problems.

So what am I doing wrong?

I have been playing around for the last hour - and hit on a sequence. I shut down the front end. Went to Services, found FactorySQL, switch to manual and started it. Went back and started the frontend, and voila - my project shows up! I am working on a W2K machine. I installed the software on an XP machine and few days ago and tried it a few minutes ago and the project comes up immediately - no messing around. So is there an issue with W2K?

No, there shouldn’t be any problem with win2k…

Sounds like there’s some sort of a problem with the service starting up with windows. I’d take a look at the error log (in the frontend go to Help->Log Viewer). Around the time of the reboot you should (ideally) see a series of green checks that say stuff about sub-systems starting up. If there are any red x’s, take a look at the message and see if something jumps out. In particular, look for something along the lines of “error starting RemoteComm Subsytem”. However, this most often fails due to a problem starting the “logging subsystem”, so be sure to post anything that looks relevant (or give us a call).

If there’s no messages at all in the log pertaining to the time around the reboot, an error might be occuring very early in the startup sequence. Under the program folder (usually Program Files\Inductive Automation\FactorySQL) there’s a file called “core_log_service.txt”. After a failed reboot, look at this and see if there are any error messages present.

Since your service starts up successfully manually, it may be a timing problem, with windows starting fsql before the database. Under “Service Settings” in the frontend, try bumping up the startup delay to 30 sec or so. (NOTE: we have confirmed a bug in the startup delay in some version which mixes up seconds and milliseconds… if “30” doesn’t work, try the value “30000”. This will be fixed in 3.1, to be released tomorrow morning).

Hope this helps!