Connecting to SLC 5/03 via DH485

anyone ever connect to a SLC 5/03 via DH485 without a Clgx as a bridge

Been looking at this Ethernet/IP to DH485 module:

Although I’ve never tried that exact conversion, I have installed a prosoft module recently and it is working well. I thought their phone support was pretty good too.

Did you come up with a solution to connecting the SLC 5/03 via DH485?

I’d expect an EtherNet-IP to DH-485 gateway should work, but only have experience with the ControlLogix bridge route. It works. But it’s not exactly economical if you don’t have the parts sitting around.

If the last SLC 5/03 ever dies I expect we’ll convert the SLC program to Logix and put it on a CompactLogix with a 1747-AENTR to connect the 1747 I/O rack.