Connecting UR Cobot over Modbus TCP


I am working on connecting a UR5 cobot via Modbus TCP and extracting data in Ignition (v.7.9.7) to determine the number of times the robot enters protective stop.

As of right now I’ve managed to connect the cobot to ignition and extract data, but if it’s reconnected (either by restarting the cobot or accidentally disconnecting it by removing the Ethernet cable) it will enter a loop where it’s state fluctuates between Connected/Disconnected. The only solution that I have at the moment is editing the tags in designer (open tag, press ‘ok’), which seems to help reestablish the connection, but that has to be done manually. Is there a way I can avoid that by using an automatic reload tags function after a set time amount (5-10 minutes) or is there another way of solving the root problem?

Thank you,