Connection and synchronization problem between two clients that operate the same process, Ignition 8.1

A cordial greeting to everyone

I will start by explaining a little context to explain the problem that is happening with the HMI.

Together with the work team we developed the following HMI, it has already been in operation for a couple of months and in the last month it did not cause any problems.

But they have given us a report that in the last 15 days the application in one of the areas has had the following problem:

We have two clients that are operating at the same time, both of them until now had not shown any problems until when operating, it usually happens that one client becomes desynchronized and the animations do not happen.

For example we have client 1 and client 2
In client 1 a valve opens and closes automatically
The valve animates green to open and gray when closed.
In client 1 there is no problem, it was displayed correctly.

In client 2 the same valve opens and closes automatically but the animation remains green and does not change

Some points to mention are the following.

We have 5 clients in total where the other 3 have not reported communication or synchronization problems to us.

We use Stratix 5700 manageable switches for the ring network through which the devices communicate

The operators tell us that the control is respected, only the visualization does not correspond to one of the clients.

When this detail occurs, it usually lasts from 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes.

We are already monitoring, waiting for the detail to happen.

They carried out a study of the network by an outside technician in the days before the problem began to occur.

The project did not receive modifications

We do not lose total connection with the gateway

Clients are on the same network as the gateway

I share a video of the event and a couple of photos

I hope someone can share ideas, I've been monitoring for almost a day and the problem has not happened and so far no one has touched the network.

In the video see the BT.02.13 valve
It is the problem that usually happens with other valves due to the photos and videos that have been shared with me.

In the photo the valves lost connection in one client and not in the other

I thank you in advance for your support.

Why is your uptime only 9 days?

You have tagged this as Vision and Perspective, but you are saying clients, therefore is the issue only relative to Vision Clients?

In your video, is that one PC per monitor or multi-monitor on one PC? If the latter, please use a video capture tool (ShareX recommended on this forum, I use that or BlueBerry Software Flash), rather than an external camera.

Good day
There was a stoppage of operations for the Christmas and New Year festivities respectively.

They are two separate clients, two different PCs

These videos were shared with me by operation personnel. I cannot use capture programs on the operation PCs for administrative reasons.

Thanks for reading and responding to the post

@Julio_Cesar_Aguilar what about this question:

Please show the component configuration and bindings for the troublesome item(s).

Or, perhaps, export the relevant parts of the project and post the export here.

The videos provide no clues as to the cause of this behavior.

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That's right, the problem is more about the clients. Excuse me, I think I didn't use the correct topics for the post.