Connection between PLC and OPC


IP PLC: 6ES7 511-TK01-0AB0
It was verified that PLC and OPC are in the same network, using CMD and ping.

In the Tia portal operations tree, you can see the components that are networked with the PLC including it.
however, the OPC just doesn't show up.

if we try to download the hardware from the PLC to the OPC, in the Tia portal it indicates that the component does not respond, referring to the OPC.

For the connection between the PLC and the OPC, the GSD pc System is used, with the S7 connection.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem that they can share with me?

How does this question corellate to Ignition?

It's in the general discussion category... General automation topics are fine here. (I don't have an answer, though.)

What are you trying to do?
Which OPC server do you refer to? Simatic NET OPC Server?
Or PLCs onboard OPC server?

You can't "download" HW config to the OPC server... OPC server is not PLC...