Connection error from the OPC client with OPC UA

I’m a beginning user, I’m still learning about ignition,
I have a job to connect Allen Bradley Control Logix to the remote ignition gateway. The methodology is that Allen Bradley I connect with the Ignition Edge and then remotely connect to it with the Ignition Gateway. In the Ignition Edge I set it as OPC UA. It works! I’ve checked the OPC Quick Client on the Ignition tag by Allen Bradley.

After that on another computer that I use as my Ignition Gateway server, setting the OPC Client with an ethernet connection.

The problem is I never succeeded in configuring the OPC UA Client. On the Discovery Server it is always but an error “UaException: status = Bad_ConnectionRejected, message = $ AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information: /”. With the data that I input in the Endpoint URL, that is “opc.tcp: // 62541”.

I am almost frustrated, there have been no solutions for 3 days.
please advise to resolve this problem. thank you for any help.

Note: in Edge Ignition I use IP: and in the Ignition Gateway Center I use IP:

Ignition’s OPC UA server binds only to localhost by default, so unless you’ve re-configured it to bind to or a specific IP that is reachable by the other clients you won’t be able to connect to it remotely.

That being said, until the most recent release Ignition Edge has not allowed remote OPC UA connections as part if its intentional restrictions. I believe this has now been relaxed if you’ve licensed the Edge “IIOT” edition, but if not then remote connections are still not allowed.

IIOT edition is a licensing detail. If you don’t know if you have it, or want to add it to your license, it’s best to get in touch with your sales rep.

Are you using Ignition Edge for other duties? If you just want an OPC connection, consider just buying the Allen-Bradley driver suite ($400) for the Ignition Platform. That’ll get you the (full-featured) OPC-UA server module for free.

@Kevin.Herron In Ignition Edge version 8.0.13, I don’t see the bind address option. I’m able to connect to the server on localhost, but want to expose to other clients…

Any advice?


I believe with Edge this is only allowed in the “IIoT Edition”.

With IIoT not installed (but maybe licensed through a trial…all modules are in trial mode now), I’m able to connect via localhost:

When I install the MQTT Transmission module from Cirrus Link (version 8.0.12 because 8.0.13 isn’t available) IIoT looks enabled, but the OPC-UA server settings don’t change, even after a gateway stop, then start.

After MQTT Transmission module installation

It will only appear if the IIoT edition is on the license itself. The license page in the gateway should show you the details of your license.

I’m in trial mode, and I assumed the trial would enable all Edge plugins (Panel, IIoT, Compute, Sync Services, and EAM). I know if I purchase a license for just IIoT, it will disable the trial on all the unpurchased plugins (see the documentation snippet below).

So there is no way to trial exposing the Ignition OPC-UA Server to external clients?

Additionally, once a license has been activated on an Edge Gateway, the trial time for any unlicensed Edge plugins will be removed, and you will not be able to access them.

My License screen showing trial mode:

Doesn’t seem like it :confused:

I have a licensed Ignition Edge and it still does not list the option to change the bind address or endpoint addresses.

What are next steps to enable the OPC-UA server to external clients (not on localhost)?


Probably call support so you can provide your license key and they can verify the license details. They may also have gotten other reports of this, not sure.

So it does appear that accessing Ignition Edge OPC UA server via a third party client is a licensed feature of Edge IIoT… I guess this is not a module but the license does the trick? It’s definitely new to find a feature that does not work in the two hour trial mode which makes me suspicious.

I guess I will call the sales team to figure out how it works since the website keeps steering me in that direction…

I never heard anything after this, not even sure if he ended up calling support.

What version are you using?

I am on trial mode in ignition edge 8.0.15, and like mentioned above the bind address and endpoint addresses sections are missing which I believe are the missing link to allow a third party opc connection… oh, and reboots may be required, it would be great to add this to the documentation if this is indeed the case. I just spent a few hours getting a standard ignition instance to start talking from machine to machine… its pretty common with OPC that, you have to try enough stuff that after it starts working you don’t know exactly what all you did that was relevant.

Edge is a bit different and I do think it actually needs a license applied and then possibly a reboot before that field will appear.

Should just be setting the bind address, restart, and then trusting certificates on either side after that. I’ll talk to someone in training about making sure the bind address thing is in the user manual.

Specifically I have not seen anything about needing to restart Ignition or a module in the documentation.

Docs are updated re: OPC UA module settings needing a restart:

Tanks Kevin for getting that added to the docs.

So to close this thread out, here are my results. I got a temp license from the sales team and after applying the Edge IIoT license and restarting the OPC UA module the extra fields like Bind Address and Endpoint Address show up making third party OPC Client connections work!

Put in a bind address of your machine IP addres, not localhost so that other machines can reach the OPC UA endpoint. Add the security policies you need and click the box to expose tag providers if you want them. Don’t forget to restart the OPC UA module.

Circling back,

I am seeing the same as @jhottell . Speaking to the account manager, I received the following reply:

Our Development team is working on making all Edge features available in trial mode just like it is in the client/server system

So until then, when using Ignition Edge with IoT plugin, exposing the OPC-UA Server endpoint to external applications requires a license, either a 30-day temporary or fully-paid license.

Yeah, we talked about this in a meeting on Friday. I don’t know the timeline but we’re going to make all Edge features work in trial mode. You’ll just have to be careful after evaluation to buy the right license and plugins for the features you’ve been demoing. Speaking with sales engineering or sales before the purchase should make it easy to clear that up.