Connection Lost to Gateway ... Connection Timedout

We have been getting this error we have six clients attached to a 64 bit IA gateway clients will sparitaclly disconnect from the server go red for a couple seconds and then reconnect…I assumed our switching was bottle necked but I doubt it because it was running fine for months and just recently it started doing this … we dont know what has changed?

IA support says not enough java sockets? … how do you even check that?!


A bit more information…

Ignition Gateway is v7.2.11
I attached the client diagnostics log for when the error occurs.
It doesn’t log anything in the Gateway Console.
It seems to occur randomly, and never lasts more than a few seconds…
The screen goes gray, and a dialog box appears “Gateway Connection Lost. Connection Timeout.”
Then live again.
All of the clients seem to have the error occasionally, but not necessarilly at the same time.
I ran Wireshark and compared to an older file, but did not see any major traffic differences.

I am running out of ideas. What should I check next?
GatewayLostErr.txt (5.77 KB)

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I talked with you yesterday. This problem is hard to diagnose due to the number of different factors that can come into play. You were getting socket timeouts showing up in the client log and one of the possible reasons that I said mentioned was port exhaustion on the server. This is by no means the definite cause, it was just an idea for something to look at.

You can view all of the tcp connections on the server several different ways. One way is through the resource monitor which you can get to by opening the taskbar, clicking the performance tab the clicking the Resource Monitor button. The networking tab will show you TCP Connections. You can also download a tool from Microsoft called TCPView which you can get here

We are having the same issues of loosing connection to gateway 7.2.11. At times it is so bad that Ignition becomes useless. 32 clients running.

If this can’t be fixed, we are going to have to dump Ignition and find some other product that is stable.

Discussion on this topic will continue here.