Connection path for CompactLogix 5380

The new 5380 series can be configured to use a different IP address on each port. 8)

What would the connection path then be in the attached example?

Also, as another thought comes to me, can the target use the legacy driver, or will I need to update to use the v21+ driver, since I’m bridging through a newer unit?

I don’t know if you can route through these like that. From looking at the manual I can say that if it were possible it would have to be on Firmware 29+ and in “Dual IP” mode instead of DLR mode. But I don’t know what the path would be.

Assuming it were possible to route through it, the legacy driver should work assuming the target is v20 or lower.

Somewhat related: I’m not sure we’ve seen anyone successfully connect to one of these yet, though I suspect that’s because in the instances that made their way to me from support the controller was being used in DLR mode.

I’m guessing the path would be something like this, but I can’t find enough info in the manual to know what to replace the ?'s with :slight_smile:


Based on a quick skim of the EDS file, the connection path will be:3,,1,0Let us know if that works. { and the reverse path would use a leading ‘2’ instead of ‘3’. }

Thanks, Phil. I’ll report back once I’m back in front of it.

Ended up with:


Ah. I’ll bet it’s ‘2’ for DLR mode, and ports ‘3’ and ‘4’ in Dual-IP mode. These sorts of things can be interrogated with custom messages if one has the device in hand…
One can also construct outbound message instructions in an offline project and inspect the path bytes left in the MESSAGE tag.

Thanks Phil you save my day :slight_smile:

@pturmel care to explain more on how to “interrogate” it?

The device can use message instructions to query class/instance/attribute of itself. Among other things, CIP defines ranges of instances in known classes for routing ports, TCP/IP ports, and Ethernet interfaces. There are attributes that link them together, exposing what routes are possible and where they go. You pretty much need the docs at hand to do this.

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