Connection path to CompactLogix

What would the path be for a CompactLogix PLC in the following example? Ignition is communicating with the L75 PLC through the EN2T module at slot 3.

I would assume 1, 5, 2,, 1, 0 but that doesn’t seem to work. The CompactLogix is using V30.XX firmware. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Try removing the “,1 ,0” from the end.

I tried removing the “, 1, 0” from the end of the path without success. Interestingly, everything I try tells me that I’m connected. I assume that the Hostname is going to be only the IP address of the card at slot 3 in the ControlLogix rack.

As it turns out, the problem is with the white spaces in the path. When I removed them, the connection established and I started receiving data. Thanks for the help pturmel.

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