Connection pooling

How does connection pooling work? I leave most of the parameters at the default, so Initial size = 0, Max active = 8, Max idle = 8, and Test while idle = unchecked. If I understand correctly, Ignition will open up to 8 connections to the database, as needed, and never close them? Then a connection would get removed from the pool if it failed validation when it’s picked up the next time?

I’ve got 14 database connections set up, so that’s a possible 112 database connections. Ignition 7.8.x, Oracle, Linux 64-bit.

We ran into an issue today and I’m told this isn’t really a problem, but I’d like to understand how it works.


Your assessment is correct.

Ignition uses Apache Commons DBCP for its database pooling. Here is some examples and documentation on the subject:

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