Connection Problems

I recently ran into a problem: A number of devices would not connect on their own. This may have been after a power failure or network problem, I don’t really know. What I do know is that a number of devices would show up as ‘connecting’ on the Devices status page. Others appeared to be fine. I was able to ping each device. The only way I could get Ignition to connect to them was by restarting the service on the server.

After all this a number of transactions were not showing a quality code of ‘good’. I discovered that in each case one item (a string) was showing up as NULL in the designer. All other items in the groups were fine (and all integers). When I went to the quick client and did a read for the string address, that same string in the transaction group would start working and the quality would change to ‘good.’ Each of these groups is reading from an AB SLC 5/05 BTW.

We’re currently using version 7.3.3 (b570).
wrapper.log (3.65 MB)

Can you attach your logs.bin.gz file instead (export from the Console/Logs tab). This one contains only a few minutes of data, albeit with a very obvious error repeating.

Here you go…
logs.bin.gz (435 KB)

Did the Ignition server go down during the power outage?

If you still have a device that the String is currently not reading correctly, can you turn on the device trace for it?

To do so, go to the gateway Console, click the Levels tab and type in the device name. Next, select Trace for the level. Let it run for a 5 minutes or so, then turn off the trace and send in the logs.