Connection to 3rd party software with Ignition OPC UA Server

I am trying to connect to Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Software (PS) with Ignition OPC UA Server. Both are in same network. I am using endpoint URL of Ignition OPC UA Server as the server name in PS. But I am not able to connect to the server. Is this correct? Let me know any tips for connecting to 3rd party applications.

Language note: you seem to be wanting to connect from 3rd party to Ignition.

I’m not familiar with Tecnomatix, but are you sure it is OPC/UA? Supplying just a server name to Tecnomatix sounds like OPC/DA, and OPC/DA is not supported.

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I am using OPC-UA module in the Plant Simulation software. Please check the image of the OPC-UA Module in the Plant Simulation where I need to enter Server name of the Ignition OPC UA Server to recieve signals from it.
I need to make sure that inputting endpoint url of Ignition OPC UA Server is correct to transfer data to Plant Simulation software. Is this correct?

The port is incorrect. What version of Ignition are you using?

Version: 8.0.14

This is the settings of OPC UA server in Ignition. So, is 62541 port number? 2


If your client is running on a different machine you’ll also have to configure Ignition’s OPC UA server to bind to instead of localhost. You can do this under Config > OPC UA > Server Settings and then change the Bind Address setting. You’ll have to restart for the change to take affect.

The endpoint URL will be opc.tcp://<ip>:62541/discovery.

Thanks for your help Kevin!

I did changes as per your instructions. I changed the bind address and changed the port number in client. I am still not able to connect to Ignition OPC UA Server.
opc.tcp:// - This is the name of the server that i have given in client (Tecnomatix Plant Simulation)

Common doubt: Is Ignition required to be installed client machine to recieve connection? Currently my Ignition is running in different machine and Tecnomatix in different machine and both are connected to same network.

No, it’s not. Just the previously mentioned configuration change is required.

Make sure you can ping between the 2 machines, that you can reach the Ignition gateway, and that a firewall isn’t blocking the connection from happening. Try using a 3rd party OPC UA client like UaExpert to verify that you can connect.

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I am trying to connect Ignition OPC UA Server with UA Expert and facing issues in connecting. I have given all the certificates as trusted in ignition and not able to connect (Image attached)
Any help on this?

Have you made any changes to the OPC UA server settings in Ignition?

In UaExpert you should be using opc.tcp://localhost:62541/discovery as the endpoint URL - try that as well. And make sure you are on a recent version of UaExpert if you didn’t just download it.

Can you verify the OPC UA Server Settings? (Image attached)

I did change the endpoint URL, but i am getting a error and it state changes to disconnected. (image attached)

Yes, I am using the latest version downloaded from website.

Are you using the correct username and password? The default is opcuauser / password.

Thanks for pointing this Kevin! I was in a impression of adding the username and password of Ignition Gateway.

Can we change the endpoint url of the Ignition OPC UA Server?

Nope. You can get different hostnames to work if you change the Bind Address and Endpoint Addresses in the server settings, but the unsecured discovery services are always at the /discovery endpoint and the main server is at the endpoint with no suffix.

If This_PC is Bind address and what will be the syntax of Endpoint Address?

You probably want the Bind Address to be either or the IP of one of the NICs in the server, assuming you want to allow remote connections.

If you want to force one of the valid endpoint URLs to have a hostname of “This_PC” just add it to the Endpoint Addresses list. It accepts multiple addresses, comma separated.

You’re still responsible for making sure “This_PC” is resolvable by DNS or other means by any clients that use that as the endpoint URL.


Why am I not able to create Ignition OPC UA Server after deleting it? I get an error message as shown in message.

Did you change your bind address at some point? Were there any errors when he server started? Can you upload your logs?

Hi Shreyas,

I am also working on the similar project , Where i am trying to connect the software to OPC UA server , Facing the same issue , Could you please help me out with this as i am unable to figure it out

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I am working on a project to connect the technomatics and OPC UA Server ,Could you please help me out with the connection settings and Logic . It would be of a great help.