Connection to an AB 1100

I am having an OPC-UA connection problem to an AB 1100 device, I cannot see the tags other than the diagnostic in the OPC tag browser in the designer. I can ping the device and open a browser window with the devices IP, so connection seems OK. Device loaded on the gateway “Allen-Bradley MicroLogix” driver, “Connected: Protocol: Bridged_EIP”, with Browsing disabled and Zero TNS is checked. I am running 7.6.6
With Browsing unchecked I get the following error on the counsel
“ABMicroLogixBrowseRequest@7858c83e request with key “10” failed due to timeout.”

Try increasing the communication timeout and re-enabling browsing.

If you don’t have browsing enabled you won’t be able to see any tags - you have to create SQLTags manually in that case.

I increased the timeout to 4000, 6000, 8000ms with the same result. Status = “Connecting: Protocol: Bridged_EIP” All I can see are the diagnostics in the browser.