Connection to clienr slow/freezing on low bandwidth connection

We have a project which will be accessed by clients on tablets over wifi. During testing we have found the client will freeze up when accessing the more complex pages. The client stays frozon even if it is left for a while. When I reduce the connection speed on my computer (which has a hardwired ethernet connection) I am also able to see this problem, so it is probably not a wifi issue but a bandwidth issue.
When the first couple of pages are open, the system seems to go ok. It is not until several pages have been opened (and closed) that the problem appears.

Any suggestions on what settings will stop/reduce the likelihood of the system freezing up? If the connection was slow, but still able to eventually connect and operate, this would be a lot better than what we’re currently seeing.
If anyone is using wifi for clients, have you had any speed issues? What sort of wireless connection should be able to handle most/all projects if the client has moderate reception?

Thanks in advance for any advice/comments.

There’s no magic that’ll reduce the bandwidth requirement as the available bandwidth drops. You’ll have to reduce the use of demanding elements in your projects. That would commonly mean fewer charts and/or fewer pens on charts, eliminating polling on query bindings, and changing the project’s tag poll rate. Also make sure you use swapTo() instead of openWindow() everywhere, to make sure non-visible windows actually are closed.