Connection to CrateDB

Hey all,

I am trying to connect a CrateDB instance to my Ignition SCADA.

  1. I have downloaded the JAR file (crate-jdbc-2.6.0 jar) while following the instructions here (Crate Connect Manual JDBC )
  2. Then Went to the Gateway config page and added new JDBC driver and added the JAR file from above using Postgres as the default translator.

3. After that I went and added new connection using the CrateDB driver using the default settings from the instruction above (i.e. crate://localhost:5432/ and user crate with no password.

Finally all I got is that the Connection is showing as “Connecting” and stays there. I can see and query the DB using the browser page so I know that the DB is functioning correctly.
Is there anything obvious that I am getting wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

I managed to get connected to the CrateDB using the PostgresDB driver that was preinstalled with Ignition.

There is no need for that custom one.

You don’t need quotes in your Connect URL/URL Format. It might be that simple.