Connection to remote Ignition OPC UA Server


Trying to interconnect my Ignition as Client to remote Ignition OPC UA Server.


Ignition 8.0.7
Firewall to Internet (port forwarding)


Ignition 8.0.7
Firewall to Internet (port forwarding)

“CLIENT” OPC UA Server Settings :

“SERVER” OPC UA Server Settings :

You are trying to set up a client OPC connection in the Client’s OPC Server settings. That’s the wrong place. Use the “OPC Client” section of the gateway config, not the “OPC UA” section. Do not change the Client’s Server’s endpoint addresses.

You’ll also probably need “” in the server’s Endpoint Addresses list. Don’t add the angle brackets around it, that’s special syntax that means “pass this value to a function that tries to resolve hostname/IPs from the inner value”. Not necessary since you know what IP you want to appear.

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