Connection with tag

sometimes, when open client, some control that use PLC tag, have a green icon, as if the tag of control don’t communicate with Siemens PLC: control don’t work properly.
But in the gateway, Siemens PLC connection is ok and database connection is ok.
what may be the reason???

Thank you


You use for PLC connection Ignition Siemens driver (not optimized db abslute) or opcua Siemens server (optimezed db symbolic)?

I use Ignition Siemens driver (not optimized db abslute)

This green icon represents UNCERTAIN value like table:

Check the browser tag list to check the diagnostics of each tag, or there must be something on the network that is causing to lose communication to PLC. Have you checked that the communication of the Client to PLC is always active and that no packets are lost?

I only verified that gateway is connected with PLC Siemens in Device connection. I don’t have checked that the communication of the Client to PLC is always active and that no packets are lost

Sorry not client to plc, but gateway to plc, and client to gateway (if client and gateway are not same PC)

Communication between Gateway and PLC is ok in Device Connection. Client and gateway stay in the same pc

Issue is SOMETIMES, but connection is restabilished after a time ? Only when you launch runtime client? Or also during runtime ? What version ignition you use ?

Sometimes, not always, when switch on OC and so switch on gateway, there is this problem.
Then, I restart Gateway and communication is OK, problem solved.
Version of Ignition is 8.1.16.

I don’t understand “switch to OC and switch on gateway” … in runtime ?

Without restarting gateway , communication is not reestablished after a time?

No, is not restablished after a time

What you mean ?

Nothing, my error

Have you a screenshot?

at the beginning of this form, I published two photo

OK i see, i don’t understand OC what you mean ?

It’s my error, really is PC, personal computer

Ah ok, if you launch runtime from designer, PLC tags in tag browser , what quality code have ?

I don’t see quality code of tags, but value of tags were written in italics, in different way

Ok , italic is when lost connection. In Gateway/logs have you seen what error come out?