Connectivity for MySQL user list

I have a user list and role list in MySQL. I have a valid database connection in the gateway to MySQL. The user source is configured for the tables in MySQL and used to work. Now, it looks like only the roles are connected. In the gateway I see all the roles that are in my MySQL table, and if I add a role it updates in the gateway. The list of users on the gateway does not match the table in MySQL. If I add a user to the table, it does not show up in the gateway


This issue likely warrants a conversation with our Support Department. If you have not done so already you can contact our Support Department here: Support Home Page | Inductive Automation

I found that my issue was not the connection. I thought the connection was the problem because my login didn’t work and I thought it couldn’t find the account/password. The problem was the password is a string in MySQL and I was using MD5() in the Authentication Query. When I changed the script to look at the unencrypted string it works.

Now I would like to know how to set encrypted passwords in MySQL so that MD5() works

MySQL’s JDBC driver handles the encryption for you.

With a Database User Source, set to Automatic mode, the JDBC driver should encrypt the passwords that are entered when new users are added from the Gateway Webpage.

Did you enter the passwords yourself by manually inserting strings into the database?

I assume that if you are operating the User Source in Manual mode you would have to hash the passwords yourself and store the hash in the table. The MySQL Encryption functions are a good place to start.

My user source is Manual, not Automatic