Connector for LabVIEW

Has anyone had any experience working with LabView and reading data into Ignition yet?

LabView Supports these three OPC specs:
Version 1.0—DataSocket Client.
Version 2.x—DataSocket Client, Variable Engine OPC Server, (DSC Module) DSC OPC Client.
Version 3.0—Variable Engine OPC Server, (DSC Module) DSC OPC Client.

If any has worked with LabView and an OPC system, what system did you use?
Any other info is appreciated, thanks.


You can use the OPC server or the DSC module. I ended up using the DSC module because the cRIO’s can’t use the OPC server. I’m currently working on a project that is using the cRIO’s and have succesfully tested communications with cRIO’s and LabView. In LabView you have to create modbus slave library, then add network shared variables with your Modbus addresses. It’s straight forward in Ignition, just you the Modbus driver. Let me know if you need more depth details.

Richard T

We ended up going with a little different design. We used DIAdem to generate graphical reports for each sampling run and to send the data to the SQL server. Ignition then reads the data from the SQL server and performs other calculations and further reporting.

I know we could have eliminated DIAdem entirely and sent SQL out from Labview but the customer really likes there dazzling analytical waveforms that really spice up the reports. Dealing with these waveforms and applying different colors, labels and peak value/retention time calculations via automated reports was easier in DIAdem.