Connexion OPC-UA server ''Connecting''

I am unable to create an OPC UA server connection on the current server. The connection remains "Connecting" continuously and only sends a single "warning" in the logs: "Skipping validation for certificate: C=US, ST=CA, L=Folsom, OU=, O =Inductive Automation, CN=Ignition OPC UA Server''

What could be the problem ?


Can you upload your log files? Does this still happen after restarting the Ignition Gateway?

Is it possible to reduce the log format or just download the last 24 hours? Because my log file is too big to add in this message.

If it's the wrapper.log files from the file system you can zip them, otherwise if it's the logs.bin.gz from the gateway they should already be compressed.

If you open a ticket with support they'll be able to receive large files and help you with this.

Hi Kevin, sorry for the delay. Here are my logs.

To reduce the format of my log file, the ibd file was reset to 0 so the file only contains the last 20 minutes. I kept the old wrapper.log file as needed.

It looks like maybe you have an OPC UA module installed with a version that doesn't match the platform.

The OPC-UA server is now connected. I had the correct version of the module but I still re-downloaded the OPC-UA module from the Inductive Ignition website and now the module connects without problem.

thanks again