Consequences on keep using modules from former Strategic Partners

Hi everyone!

I use a couple of modules from Sepasoft and I just found out they're no longer among the IA Strategic Partners. Maybe the same is true for other modules as well, since in the Strategic Partner Modules tab within the download page the list of modules has become a lot shorter.

For those who like me are still using these kind of 3rd party modules, does it mean? What's the difference in term of usage, maintenance and or support? If there are any...


Mostly the difference is you purchase and download the modules directly from Sepasoft now.

They already provided and continue to provide support and updates for these modules.


In our case we always had a local Ignition distributor as intermediary, we are not in direct contact with IA, so it's better for me to check with our local distributor if there are any changes on how to manage 3rd party modules.

Thanks anyway though

Hi Andrea,

Please feel free to reach out to the sales team here with any questions you have on the change:

Thank you