Console Errors 7.2.9

Getting console errors every 1 second. Added some Transaction Group and SQL queries last week. but this error seems to be about missing files in the Program Files directory, which was not modified to my knowledge.

What is causing these errors and how do I correct it?

Thanks Ken P.


If you could, take a look at that error in the “wrapper.log” file in the Ignition install directory and see if there is more information past the end of what is visible in the screen shot. In particular, I’m looking for something along the lines of “too many files open” or similar.

We haven’t seen this problem before, as far as I’m aware of, but it seems to be a problem with the web framework we use on the gateway. Getting the exact error message will help me see if there’s a fix/workaround.

In the meantime, restarting the gateway should help for some amount of time. It’s certainly not related to any changes you’ve made to the Ignition projects.


I had same problem. Here is the info I got back that will help fix.

Replace “BIGGUY” in example below with your user in linux.

Hi Jim,

We traced back the source of the errors here. Part of the upgrade to 7.3.3 was a change to run Ignition as a user process instead of root. The upgrade script changed the permissions of most of the files, but apparently missed a few. The errors are with Wicket caching (wicket runs our gateway web pages), which doesn’t affect much of anything in the system. Our QA guy is updating the installer; in the mean time, we can fix the problem by changing permissions on the system.

Can you change the permissions on /usr/local/bin/ignition/tomcat and all its subdirectories to BIGGUY?

The following commands should do it for you:

  1. cd /usr/local/bin/ignition/tomcat
  2. sudo chown -R BIGGUY .

Note: There is a period at the end of line 2

Note: you could also set up a separate user for Ignition, if you’d rather not run as BIGGUY.

Hope this helps.

Of course, in that case you’re dealing with linux permissions, and the original post is in windows… I suppose something similar could have happened, where the permissions are wrong, or the upgrade went to the C:\ but is still pointing to E:\ for some reason.

Ken- try tracking down that “e:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\tomcat\work\mainEngine\localhost\main” folder and see if all of the permissions seem ok, or if it even exists. I’ll try to find whoever worked on this before for AxisIt and see what they think.


Sorry, did not notice it was windows…Grrrr My bad. :blush: