Console Warnings - Repbulish returned NotificationMessage

Getting a TON of “Repbulish returned NotificationMessage with publish time in the future(+xms)” from the MyNotificationReveiver - A couple every second or so.

This is coming from what looks like an OPC-UA connection to another Ignition instance(that is only running as an OPC-UA server).
Both the servers are running 7.5.3 and are 32bit.

Time seems to be pretty close on both, maybe 10 secs of variation between them.

I attached the logs from the gateway throwing the warnings.

logs.bin.gz (477 KB)

This has been tweaked for 7.5.4 to allow up to a 10 second difference between timestamps.

You can ignore it for now, it’s not really a problem. It was part of some UA compliance work that has been going on.

If your servers are greater than 10 seconds apart you’re gonna have to get them synced up better.


Cool, They live in different domains so I have to tie them to a single timesource soon. Thanks for the update.

  • Dravik