Consolidated/aggregated status by location or equipment type or location grouping?

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to create a view that give a consolidated status by location or group of locations. That we can drill down to see more detail.
The goal is to display a network of equipment on a map and see what are the alarms/data for this location and then drill down into the specific location/equipment.
Thank you !

You may benefit from looking through the Perspective demo projects. For example:

The oil and gas project starts with an overview page that displays the 4 devices monitored by the project. The devices can be selected to drill down to specific trends and data for each machine. There is also a docked window on the top of the project that allows us to navigate to more specific data for each device.

For your case you can have a similar setup and use the Map component, and then add navigation and popup actions that open views that contain alarms/data. Or you can add a network diagram on a main overview window and keep a docked window which contains buttons to navigate to specific details for each machine.

There are many ways to approach the design you have described. Parsing through the Demo Projects is a good way to get started. The backup of the projects can be found on the Ignition Exchange here: