Constant data s when the connection lost

I am facing some problem in one of my project. I am using factory sql and factory pmi.And in factory sql I am using Historical Group. In the historical group I have given the default settings and 1 min update time. This group is working good in when the connection is there. If the connection fails my Historical Group data is showing Not Connected.Then if I look in my trend,it shows constant value till the connection established. Or in the Table the last value ( before the connection lost ) is getting inserted in the regular update time.
As my concern if the connection is not there, it should not show any value in the Trend or the value should not get inserted in the Table till the connection established. But this is not happening.
If I want this condition Which group I have to select ( Historical or Standard Group ) and what settings I have to change in settings. Can you find me solution for this.

I have one more doubt regarding Factory Sql. I need to know that the Factory sql will work with only Sql database or it can work with other database forexample Sibase database. Why I am asking this I was trying to communicate with Siemens WinCc V 5.1 version which has Sibase database, I did not get any result for this. Then I upgraded Siemens WinCc V 5.1 to WinCc V 6.0 + SP-2 which has Sql database.

Whether it can communicate with any database? If it is yes then why I was unable to get it.

I hope I will get a favourable reply from you.

With Regards,
Ajay J Kachiramattam
Senior Engineer
Corromandel Infotech India Limited

I believe this is the exact same problem described by your colleague in this thread, correct? A suggestion has been posted there.