Constants multiplied by factor 10 in EasyChart

i have an EasyChart with a constant calculated pen. The constant value is 1000.0, but the chart displays the value 10.000 (see attached screenshot). My local language is german, so it might be a comma/point issue. The X Axis Margin of the chart also behaves strange, i had to enter the value 0,01 to get the margin displayed in the screenshot.
Ignition version is 7.5.2.

We have successfully mocked this issue up here. I’ve made a ticket for it, I expect it will be fixed for 7.5.3

Any news on this one? I just tried 7.5.4 beta 1 and the issue is still there.

This is still an active issue, when it’s fixed we will update this thread.

The ticket didn’t get a milestone assigned to it, so I’m not surprised it was missed for 7.5.3. I added a 7.5.4 milestone…

This has been fixed for 7.5.4.