Consult about of Historian Topology

We are trying to implement a topology like the following, the problem is that there is no clear how it should be.

Option 1: Configure the two computers to which they are connected to the IO server with historian ignition and send the data to the database server.

Option 2: Find the way the central ignition server performs the history of the tags of the two remote PCs connected to the IO servers.

Can they help us determine the best way to do this? Or what other options do we have?

The historian function ignition is normally carried out by the Ignition servers. If the 2 computers connected to the I/O are Ignition servers, they will each be logging historical data straight to a database server. There is no difference between your Ignition Historian and your Database Server - they are both database servers.

You could either remove the computer marked as the Ignition Historian and just have one database server, or you could run a redundant pair or cluster of computers to give your database server some redundancy.