Container and their Components

When copying components from one container to the other, it would be great if the indirect addressing references property path is changed to reference the new container path. That way you don’t have to go back and edit the path again. Just little things that could improve and save time. Thanks

Yeah, that one is a little difficult. It does work if you copy the entire container but not a single component inside of the container.

Ok to go further. Built a container with an image bound to an indirect tag. Using the dynamic properties I was able to assign the image to different indirect tags by using the dynamic property of the container. Just like the example program. However, when I copied that container into another container and bound the dynamic properties together, i.e. parent and child, changing the child dynamic properties changed the dynamic properties value in parent container but not true going the opposite direction. Seems like it should be the other way around. Clicked on bidirectional when creating the indirect tag but still the same.

Ok figured it out. If you bind the child dynamic properties to the parent then the parents dynamic property controls. The opposite when binding the parent to the child. Interesting!