Container for cluttering(more zoom = more details)

I see the ‘Design Like a Pro- Building Mobile-Responsive HMIs in Ignition’ video. One think that they talk about but doesn’t show how to implement in perspective is Levels of Depth. (like google map: more zoom = more details)
Is there any way to use this concept in perspective right now?
use zoom & pan functionality of browser to cluttering data on the view.
If the answer is no, Does IA have any future plan to add this?

From a “zoom” perspective, no, there is not; Perspective has no idea what level of zoom a user has applied to the browser as of right now.

The best option for de-cluttering is entirely dependent on the width of the screen itself, and that would be the Breakpoint Container, which allows you to completely change not only the appearance of a View but also what a View contains based on the width of the browser window.

I’m pretty sure we could do something like this, but we need to prioritize features tat users are requesting over features no one has explicitly requested. Please feel free to post a Feature Request post in the relevant channels if you feel this is something you would like in a future release.