Container for UDTS

What is the best practice for choosing containers for udts? For example, I have tried to use coordinate container for a motor, but when I change the resolution I get scrollbars (The engine is an embedded view in a P&ID screen). What has worked best so far is to use flex container and select hide on the overflow parameter. Then it is possible to change the size of the embedded view and scrollbars don’t appear if the resolution is changed. Is the best solution to use flex containers for UDTS, e.g. motor, valves, pumps etc?

When working in perspective I exclusively use flex containers. Even any breakpoint or tab containers that I use just have embedded flex containers within them. The reason for this is the extremely flexible UI scaling that working with CSS flexboxes gives you. You can go pretty crazy with what you can do with the containers and relative scaling such as using flex containers within flex containers to create dynamically spacing and scaling GUI components.

Here are some links that may help you:

At first I thought flex containers were really hard, but have started to like them more and more. Feels like there is no standard solution for perspectice, some use coordinate container while others use flex, do as you like :slight_smile:

I’ll look at the content you posted …

I was in that same boat when I first started using perspective. I found it best to take a look at some of the components that others have built on the Ignition Exchange. It helps to see what others have done to really get an idea of what is possible to do. Best of luck!

If you want to put components on top of each other, you have to use a coordinate container. I use the coord container for my device graphic templates (Views for embedding). The thing I most despise with coordinate containers though is the “percent” mode units as these all become percentages (0-1) which are completely useless for designing with. I tend to create my Views in fixed mode and then change them to percent when i’m done (if I remember…). If you leave the mode as “fixed” and resize them when embedded (including opening the page at a different size in the client) then you will get scrollbars. If you change the mode to “percent”, then they will scale

This happens to me when I use embedded view with coordinate container…