Container questions and how to truncate data

This is a two part question and both are related.

First question: If I place a container on the screen, and inside this container I place some check boxes, When I change the value of any of the check boxes should that not also trigger the event changed on the container?

If not under normal circumstances is there a way to mate up the two so that as I change the values of the checkboxes it also triggers the event changed of the container?

Next: I know this is probably something really simple but just can not get it. I am using the following script to place the word OR between each of the texts that come back that are not null. The final output is something like:

word = 1 or type = 2 or mfg = 6 or

What i want to do is take off the final OR, so that the output would read:

word = 1 or type = 2 or mfg = 6


for comp in event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Machine Type Selection’).components:

if value != '': 
	data = data + value + "or"
	print data
	print ""

x = len(data)
y = x - 2
print x,y

I thought about using some sort of sub string which is why the x and y are there. But am having trouble getting it to work.

Thanks and have a great day.

Forget the part about the substring I finally found what I was looking for and it worked.

However the part about containers and such I still would like an answer on.

Nope, no event would be triggered on the container. No property has been changed on the container.

The best way I can think of is to have an integer dynamic property on the root container bound to an expression like:

binEnc( {Path.To.Checkbox1}, {Path.To.Checkbox2}, {Path.To.Checkbox3} )
This way that dynamic property will change whenever a checkbox changes, and the value of the dynamic property will be unique for the currently selected combination, to boot!