Containers and Grouping in 7.3

It looks like the ability to group the contents of a container has changed. Moving containers has become tedious as it is way too easy to accidentally click one of the items contained instead of the entire container as well as resizing a container now changing via the aspect ratio regardless of anchored layout constrains. Grouping items within a container manually seems to destroy existing layout definitions. Is there something obvious I’m missing here?

Grouping did change in 7.3, quite significantly.

The old notion of a “grouped container” largely went away, although groups are similar to that old idea.

Grouping is now done like you’d expect - select things and group them and they’ll be moved into a new grouping container of the correct size. Un-group them and the grouping container will go away.

While grouped, the group acts like a single unit. Interior components won’t be selected unless you double click to “drill-down” into the group. Layout options for interior components of a group are not used - all items inside a group scale directly with the group. Use the group’s layout options.

To move a normal container, hold down ALT while it is selected. Otherwise you’ll draw a selection marquee inside that container.

Hope this clears things up,