Context faulted 7.2.5

New install on Win 7 (64bit).
Java 1.6.0_25 (32 bit), also a new install.
Ignition 7.2.5 (32 bit)

wrapper.log attached

Doesn’t seem to matter if I start it manually or as a service. The log file is from a manual start.

It may be conflicting with Immunet anti virus. Immunet thinks the uninstbr.000 and uninstall.exe is infected with W32.Crypt.
wrapper.log (31.5 KB)

Hmm… try shutting down the gateway, and deleting the file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Inductive Automation\Ignition\contexts\main\db\settings.lck”. Then try to start and see if the same thing happens. The “access denied” error on that is strange - could indeed be caused by an “on-access” scanner- but see if deleting the file changes anything.


there is no settings.lck file

We wiped the machine (there were other problems) and reinstalled from scratch.
Everything works now.

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